Graduation: Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University


After starting my documentary project, Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary, over three years ago, I graduated from the Documentary Studies certificate program at Duke University. The film ended up becoming three separate films. Bonnie A. Perry: Agency and Grace was finished in late spring and will be presented at the Great American Canoe Festival in Ely, Mn, June 2016. The feature length film about Andrea Knepper and Chicago Adventure Therapy will be finished by early winter 2016-2017. My film subjects, my friends and family, and the paddling community have continuously offered their support during all the high and low points of the creative process. For this, I am deeply grateful. I look forward to many future film projects on and off the water.


Hether Hoffmann presenting her film, Bonnie A. Perry: Agency and Grace, at the Full Frame Theater during the Duke Documentary Studies Graduation Ceremony

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