Canoecopia Presentation

After over two years of filming, Artcanoe Productions is taking the show on the road. On March 11, Hether Hoffmann will be presenting, “Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary”, at Canoecopia in Madison, Wi. Film excerpts, paddling-while-filming stories, and a short Q&A session will be featured during her talk. Hether will also be presenting her…

Waiting for Ice to Freeze and Middle Winter: Editing Film

As I edit Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary, I never expected the documentary journey to be so full and wondrous. I will be presenting the film at Canoecopia in Madison next month. I remember thinking almost seven years ago when I first attended Canoecopia for the first time how cool it would be to…

Before Winter Comes

Artcanoe Productions had a busy fall working on final edits, cold weather paddling, and final photography exhibition details. Hether Hoffmann will be presenting “Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary” at Canoecopia 2016. Canoecopia is the largest paddlesports fest in North America. It is sponsored by Rutabaga.  Hether’s photography will be featured in a solo exhibition…

Blessing of the Boats: Acceptence

Artcanoe Productions filmed Bonnie A. Perry during the Ladies of the Lake Symposium. She was teaching a BCU/PNA 3* training class. On Sunday, she did her blessing of the boats. The clip below reveals a powerful, universal theme: acceptance.

Summer’s End

Artcanoeproductions was busy during August and September with filming at the Ladies of the Lake Symposium and a photography exhibit at the Schaumburg Public Library. September ended with a fabulous Super Moon paddle on Lake Michigan.

FOR SARAH: Stories Never End

Sarah Hartman, one of the paddlers in my film Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary, passed away two months ago. She was a paddler, friend, and mentor to many. Sarah was involved in almost all the Chicago paddling clubs and Illinois Paddling Council at one point or another. She opened her own paddling rental/lesson business….

Ice that Breathes: The Exhibit

Photos from my exhibit at the Schaumburg Public Library The exhibit will run through September. Documentary updates will be coming next week!

Journey to Jackson Harbor: Want, Need, Desire, Raucous Fun

Filming the want, the need, the desire, the discovery, raucous fun within the journey is unparalleled. Finding it on the water is the challenge! We filmed Andrea Knepper at Jackson Harbor a few weeks ago. Chicago Adventure Therapy was running their annual volunteer paddler training. In the video below, Zobari taught one of the volunteers how…

Filming and Kayaking

Artcanoeproductions had a very busy spring. Filming, personal paddling, interviewing, and getting to know folks in the Chicago whitewater community made for well rounded schedule.  The collage below features moments from the past eight weeks. We are so excited about the summer filming schedule! More to come…..  

Quebec: Journeys Never End

As I traveled through Quebec this week (for work), I was reflecting upon the Chicago paddling community. Chicago provides awesome training for paddling adventures. The paddling community here is lucky to have a variety of padding venues, clubs, and instructors. Part of the “Paddling in Spite of the Ordinary” story is revealing the journeys that…