Sarah Hartman: Great Slave Lake Expedition


photo by Sarah Hartman
photo by Sarah Hartman
photo by Sarah Hartman
photo by Sarah Hartman

Over a week ago, I spent a Sunday morning with Sarah Hartman at the Geneva Kayak Center. We drank coffee while she ruminated about the preproduction questions I had sent her. Sarah mentioned the moments when she realized that she needed push herself more and the folks around her who served as important mentors. Sarah emphasizes that within her own coaching she wants folks to maximize their paddling safety and skills no matter what boat they are paddling.

Sarah shared her Great Slave trip log and journal with me. It describes the great planning/training and careful deliberation of a go/no go decision after her trip partner, Tom Bamonte, had to withdraw his participation from the trip. Sarah decided to go solo and had an amazing trip.

I look forward to visiting Yorkville to do more filming and paddling with Sarah in the coming weeks.


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