Summer Filming

I have been filming almost every weekend for the last 6 weeks. My subjects have been very busy with their paddling schedules. Since Bonnie Perry, Andrea Knepper, and Sarah Hartman, are all involved in different opportunities this week, I used various strategies to collect footage of these happenings.

I met up with Bonnie for a couple of days while she worked with John Carmody of Sea Cliff Kayakers. I mainly used the GoPro and another action cam on my deck for on the water shots. I pulled out the two 4/3 cameras for various shots on the beach during lunch and surf sessions.

This week, while I was filming in Maine, Andrea was leading in Washington paddling expedition for Gitchi Gummee participants. I gave Andrea a camcorder for her and the participants to document the expedition. Greg Anderson, a guide from Anacortes Kayak and local Evaston resident, has also generously agreed to supply shots.

When I get back from Maine, I’ll be working with Sarah to gather shots and stills from all the Chicago community kayak events. During July and August, Sarah is helping with the Yorkville Whitewater Festival, Team River Runner, and the local Forest Preserves paddling event.

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